Joe Louis: An American Romance 
Ven. 4 février 2011 à 20:00
Bain St-Michel
5300, rue Saint-Dominique, Montréal
2 pour 1 ! (Régulier:20.00$)

Il n'est plus possible de réserver de billets, ce spectacle a déjà eu lieu.

Joe Louis's career and personality had a profound effect on race perceptions and relations in America.

David Sherman's world première, Joe Louis: An American Romance is a dramatic biography of the black boxer who became the heavyweight boxing champion of the world from 1937 to 1949.

The Brown Bomber watches his life flash before his eyes. The play takes us through Joe's final days where he was working as a "celebrity-greeter" for a casino in Las Vegas. Broke, demented and addicted, Joe finds himself in the ring one last time facing the two opponents his feared right fist couldn't defeat: the IRS and time.

This is a bruising look at sports, celebrity and racism in America. A "knockout" of a production.

"Everyone has a plan until they've been hit."

- Joe Louis

  Joe Louis: An American Romance

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