The Elusive The Elusive 
Sam. 23 février 2008 à 14:00
Espace 4001
4001, rue Berri, Montréal
13.00$ / 13 % de rabais! (Régulier:15.00$)

Il n'est plus possible de réserver de billets, ce spectacle a déjà eu lieu.

Cet événement est en anglais seulement.

Tableau D'Hôte Theatre proudly presents the World Premiere of The Elusive, by Mike Czuba.

Two men and two women try to navigate through the mysteries and lies that surround love. Each wondering what makes the other so special, what make them remotely desirable and are we really as interesting as we think we are?

The language jumps from poetic to visceral, words are used as weapons and truth is the innocent casualty.

The Elusive will confront, question and force itself into the audience darkest thoughts and desires and will demand that answers be given.

Directed by: Murray Napier

Starring: Brad Carmichael, Kim Doucet, Adam LeBlanc, Alison Louder

Set Design: Jenn Sheshko
Costume Design: Noémi Poulin
Lighting Design: Chris O'Neill
Choreography: Vladimir Cara
Original Score: Tristan Capacchione

Stage Manager: Paul Brian Imperial

Tableau d'Hôte Theatre

  The Elusive

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