Raw Nerve 
Sam. 7 juillet 2012 à 21:00
La Gruta Club
6011-B, av. du Parc , Montreal
Gratuit ! (Régulier:8.00$)

Il n'est plus possible de réserver de billets, ce spectacle a déjà eu lieu.

Les Figaro de Montmartre vous invitent sur l’île de Natural pour danser sur des beat puissants, pimentés par des mélodies enivrantes et où tout le monde peut trouver sa place.

From the folx who brought you DUB NERVE and other illegal rave type things we present RAW NERVE. Maintaining a focus on Dub and moving into live electronics, harder edged dance grooves and straight up breakcore/jungle craziness. Depending on when you ar...rive and how long you stay.



Makaron - Live electronic Dub music straight from the mind of one of Polands saddest losses. http://www.wix.com/maka-ron/makaronproductions

Figaro de Montmartre - Fresh in from france and crossing the genres of DUB, ELECTRO, and DRUM N BASS while evoking (in my estimation) an early 90's house vibe, this duo promises an amazing live show complete with rockin keyboard! Check 'em out here i'm super stoked for this.

Dirty Boots - Montreal based analog synth and soul music, evoking an end of the world motel lobby lounge right before the bombs go off. soundcloud.com/dirtybootsmontreal

DJ Fiberglasspants - Promises to play that heavy heavy bass house from the 80's youve never hear before and then its the first ever performance of his collaboration with.

Simon Called Peter - You apparently can't (and I cant) define his music as anything other than fantastic Electronic Dance Music but now you'll be able to say FIBERGLASSPANTS rapped on it. Its their first show together (of this particular music)!

Otherpeoplemusic - DJing hard ragga breakcore for this one. It makes sense.

Aaron Maiden - Co promoter of the amazing Pressure Drop and REGGAY PARTY events not to mention host of all the coolest radio shows AARON can also sling some pretty sweet vinyl to get feet moving.

Rodroid - This dude mixes up a whole wack of different types of hard electronic musix. Personally I cant wait to get the floor movin to his set. soundcloud.com/rodroid


  Raw Nerve

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