A Pinch of Basile  
Ven. 14 juin 2013 à 20:30
Théâtre Rialto
5723, av. du Parc, Montréal
Gratuit ! (Régulier:50.00$)

Il n'est plus possible de réserver de billets, ce spectacle a déjà eu lieu.


Just back from Australia with theComicus Erectus Tour and The Good, The Bad & The Ethnic, and fresh from filming his NEW pilot for CBS, Basile is perhaps one of the most explosive diverse entertainers in the world today.

Basile has entertained millions of comedy fans in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Africa. From his “Born to Be Wild” opening to his Broadway-style closing that would make Walt Disney blush and turn over in his grave… Basile’s unique blend of material, improvisation, and characters has made him one of the most sought after comedians in the entertainment industry today! Basile’s comedy CD,Basile Unleashed and his recently released DVD A Pinch Of Basile have been praised by critics and fans around the world.


  A Pinch of Basile

Fil culturel | Humour

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