Almost Blue Almost Blue 
Ven. 7 novembre 2008 à 20:00
Théâtre MainLine
3997, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal
12.00$ / 33 % de rabais! (Régulier:18.00$)

Il n'est plus possible de réserver de billets, ce spectacle a déjà eu lieu.

ALTERA VITAE PRODUCTIONS is proud to present "Almost Blue" by Keith Reddin.
Directed by Carolyn Fe.

Rick Bel as Phil, Anisa Cameron as Liz, Patrick Goddard as Blue, Vance de Waele as Steve : Four people caught in a web of lies and dirty secrets, stuck in a place they desperately need to get out of a man just out of prison trying to stay straight, a lonely pornographic ghostwriter, an ex-con who needs to settle old scores and a beautiful woman in trouble. NB: This play contains scenes with violence, sexuality and coarse language.

Almost Blue by Keith Reddin is Altera Vitae Productions’ second presentation. We are proud to partner with NEO-DEP (New Departure or Nouveau Départ). Born out of Correctional Services Canada, this pilot group exists to help former inmates reintegrate society with trained volunteers to help in the process. NEO-DEP seeks volunteers to meet the challenge of assisting these people with their reintegration into society.

As per the company’s mission statements, with each theatrical presentation Altera Vitae partners itself with a community organization whose mandate is similar in theme to the play. Altera Vitae pledges a donation from the production’s profits as well as assist the community organization in their public awareness strategies. We hope to spread the word about this valuable organization through our production. Please help us help those who need to be heard.

  Almost Blue

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