Zoofest | Scotstown 
Ven. 25 juillet 2014 à 19:00
Théâtre La Chapelle
3700, rue Saint-Dominique, Montréal
10.00$ / 58 % de rabais! (Régulier:23.67$)

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The play Scotstown was created in French in 2008 by Fabien Cloutier (script, direction, performance), and got an immediate impact. Indeed, the play got several prizes, including the ‘Coup de Coeur des festivaliers, volet Zoofest en 2010’ and during the 21st Bourse Rideau, the ‘prix d’Office Québec Wallonie Bruxelles pour la jeunesse’. The play got played everywhere around Québec and Europe.

Fabien Cloutier got the idea to get the play translated by David Laurin and to ask Hubert Proulx, his friend that he met at the convervatory, to take the lead on the play in English. As Fabien did, Hubert assure the direction and the performance.

This corrosive and dark comedy is a mix between a fairytale, an urban and rural story.

It portrays a character who goes through a series of events circling around, amongst other things, his friend Chabot and his preference for strong size women, his cousin from St-Bernard and the acceptable limits, an Arab bartender and his shooter, a Russian family and its pride, and a loving African family.
When the sensitivity is stronger than the hardness…

From this man, who at first will seem naïve, is going to appear a very big humanity, and an open-mindedness.

Funny and touching, it is a bump between modernity and traditional society, intolerance versus acceptance.

And despite the differences, links are built. Without any judgment.
Tighter than ever.

  Zoofest | Scotstown

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