B.U. Spectacle raggae, soul, RnB 
Sam. 27 septembre 2014 à 21:00
Bistro Le Ste-Cath
4264, rue Sainte-Catherine E., Montréal
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B.U. fait parti de la musique du monde. Du hip hop au reggae, en passant par le soul et le RnB, l’artiste fait parti de la diversité culturelle de Montréal. En français, anglais ou créole, B.U. a su faire vibrer la scène musicale autant à Montréal qu’à l’étranger.

B.U is the alias of Canadian hip hop artist Patrick Joseph. Born to a Canadian mother and Haitian father, B.U grew up in Montreal listening to everyone from Coupé Cloué to Michael Jackson and started making music as a teenager. Today, after a decade of performing and collaborating with stars including Akon, he is set to release his first solo album.

B.U began performing aged fifteen and was making his full-time living from music within two years. After establishing a name for himself as one of Montreal’s most celebrated hip hop performers, he appeared alongside artists including De La Soul, The Roots, DJ Cut Killer and The Herbaliser. Away from the stage, he has recorded with everyone from Flip Mode Squad to Rah Digga and also captured attention as a song writer – writing Akon’s first French song Le Sang des Innocents in 2009, collaborating with top Bollywood composer Aadesh Shrivastava and Canadian songwriter Germain Gauthier, as well as composing ad music for companies including Coca Cola and Adidas

It’s hard to pigeonhole B.U. Ask him about his sound and he’ll tell you it’s the sound of freedom. From hip hop to reggae through world music, he’ll describe how he grew up breathing the Montreal city cultural diversity and how it influences his music in a very authentic way. Today his unique sound blends English and French rap with the Haitian Creole of his childhood. B.U is now set to release I Can See it All Happening, the debut single from his first album.


  B.U. Spectacle raggae, soul, RnB

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