Darren Frost «The Darkness within Tour»   
Ven. 3 juillet 2015 à 20:00
Allure Montreal Bar & Lounge
1222, rue Mackay, Montréal
Gratuit ! (Régulier:15.00$)

Il n'est plus possible de réserver de billets, ce spectacle a déjà eu lieu.

“Frost’s standup has the quality of a satanic revival meeting. He brings so much bile and venom to the stage it can be overwhelming. Frost is at his best when he tempers his barbs with a little finesse and last night he showed this technique off to great effect. Among the most daring comedians in Canada.” Toronto Star

Darren’s ability to command the undivided attention of an audience is remarkable. He is one of the country’s most experienced comedians, having done thousands of shows for fundraisers, corporate clients and comedy venues.

He was twice awarded top ten comedy moments of the year by Toronto entertainment magazine NOW with another mention in the year-end comedy wrap of 2012. Darren has been awarded the prestigious Kari award for Best Performance in a Commercial in Canada. He has also performed in various comedy festivals including multiple appearances at Just For Laughs, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and LOL Sudbury. Darren is the only comic in Canadian history to release four different DVD’s of material independently.

Not of this earth or simply full of fudge: you decide. Direct from Brantford, Ontario, he’ll have you convicted and healed all at once.

“The makings of one of Canada’s greatest comedic monsters of our time.” - ComedyUncovered.com

*Spectacle présenté en anglais.

Yuk Yuk’s Montreal
Comédie Montréal
Allure Montreal Bar & Lounge


  Darren Frost «The Darkness within Tour»

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