Last Night at the Gayety Last Night at the Gayety 
Dim. 24 avril 2016 à 14:00
Théâtre Centaur
453, rue Saint-François-Xavier, Montréal
34.00$ / 20 % de rabais! (Régulier:43.00$)

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Step back in time to Montreal 1951. Police Chief, Pax Plante, is on a crusade to eradicate vice from ‘Sin City’, clamping down on gambling, raiding brothels and nightclubs, and thwarting the Gayety and its shining star, burlesque queen Lili St. Cyr, at every turn. Bowser and Blue, creators of Schwartz’s the Musical, lend their signature wit and satire to reanimate the Gayety (present day site of Theatre du Nouveau Monde) in all its glory. Will Pax topple North America’s ‘wide open’ capital of earthly delights and save us from ourselves or will the gin continue to flow and vaudeville reign supreme? Girlie girls and jazzy music abound in this sure bet of a sizzling large scale spectacle … go all in!

(Pièce présentée en anglais)

Montreal by Night by Arthur Burrows& by Jean Palardy, National Film Board of Canada

  Last Night at the Gayety

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Absolutely exquisite  

Dragos N.
Lun. 25 avril 2016