A twin's tail A twin's tail 
Dim. 1 mai 2016 à 16:15
Cabaret Piccolo Rialto
5711, av, du Parc, Montréal
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Six vital organs - Three testicles - One appendage - OH MY!  Conjoined fraternal twin brothers Oscar & Wilde discover that they have a lot more in common than just biology as they experience what adult life has to offer. Stuck together literally since birth, it's what they don't share that ends up bringing them even closer as they come to realize that their differences are what makes them whole. Residents of the MileEnd district of Montreal and set in today's very judgemental world, this is a three-legged race comedic farce delivered with loads of bravado and lots of heart. Come out and join them in their exploration of the pursuit of happiness, acceptance, love. 

One act, 75 minutes. PG 16. Themes: Relationships; Family, brotherhood; Fitting in socially; Acceptance of self, by others; Judgement, physical appearance and persoanlity; Sexuallity -Homosexuality, Hetrosexuality, Bi-Sexuality. Prostitution."I've adapted and translated many works but this will be the first full play I've written in English that I will also direct." D.R.


  A twin's tail

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