Bridges of hope | Vernissage Bridges of hope | Vernissage 
Ven. 11 septembre 2009 à 19:00
Monument-National | Scène Financière Sun Life
1182, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal
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Il n'est plus possible de réserver de billets, ce spectacle a déjà eu lieu.

Bridges is Teesri Duniya's visual and photographic exhibition by artists whose work is informed by their Diaspora, trans-national and cross-cultural experiences. The project seeks to build bridges across communities and nations in spite of history of conflict and turmoil.


The intertwining of cultural maps, migration jumps and therapeutic work with refugees and immigrants, are embedded in my art work whether in large canvases, handmade books, watercolour painting, collage or illustration of poetry or prose.

As a visual thinker the process of "free association" translates into the stream of consciousness implicit in the art productions. a visual diary of the migrant journey is a metaphoric window in the process of the work.

Constant drawing of relationships whether figurative or abstact are central to the process. an internal life in relation to different influences and identities is expressed in a visual language that allows me a window in to my hybrid being. the gaze of the Other is a prominent part of my portrait works , while making maps of life journeys is integral to the non figurative work. the colours of india and the colours of my canadian life are intermingled as part of my visual language. often my work incorporates bits and pieces of my life journey collaged into the two dimensional surface. i think of my work as intimate letters to those who see the work and respond to it.


Phil Carpenter is a photo and multimedia journalist at the Montreal Gazette, and has worked as photojournalist for 14 years. He earned a BA in Communications Studies at Concordia University in Montreal, after which he worked as a freelancer photojournalist for a number of companies including AFP, The New York Times and Sipa Press. He has also taught at Concordia University’s school of journalism.

He has won awards for his work including two Society of News Design awards for photo essays on Olympic athletes and their injuries, and swimmers in the FINA games in Montreal. He has also been recognized for stories on he did on breast cancer, lymphedema and the shortage of beds in Quebec long-term care homes.

  Bridges of hope | Vernissage

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