Baren Acres County Baren Acres County 
Ven. 17 novembre 2017 à 20:00
Bistro Le Ste-Cath
4264, rue Sainte-Catherine E., Montréal
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Emilie Gosselin and Felix Brunet are the dual core of Barren Acres.
Folk music, they strive to incorporate elements of the foot-stomping and familial style to their own.

Blues rocker/singer‐songwriter Eddie Paul’s album, PANDA-MONIUM, is now AVAILABLE. Produced by Seb Black under the banner of Montreal’s notorious Emery Street Records.

Paul is a poster boy of the new breed of artists coming out of Montreal, building a loyal and growing fan base at home and abroad. Rapidly benefiting from numerous positive reviews of his live performances across Canada, as well as having two European tours under his belt already, Eddie’s riding a surge of worldwide momentum.

With The Warning Song enjoying huge critical acclaim across North America and Europe, and a series of North American tour dates in place, this debut album is already being talked about as a modern classic. Hear what the hype’s about here: PANDA-MONIUM

A repertoire of original music in which the kick drum and rhythm guitar dominate for a contemporary pop-folk sound that appeals to all ages. There can be up to seven instruments played at the same time between the two of them; they are a 2-piece full band.

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