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The ROLLY GIBB BAND: The "Best Laid-Back Rock in Town - Originals and Covers"

Rolly grew up in Paris, France where he learned classical music as a child. Then Rolly traded his classical education for a guitar purchased at the local flea market. He formed several bands with his sister who played the piano and sang with him with other friends and started to write songs for the band. As the band evolved, Rolly and his sister were trained by a music production firm and started to record demos.

But the music he loved was Rock and Blues and the record producers didn't seem to understand this important point! So while his sister became a professional background singer, Rolly left for Canada.

At some point, he didn't touch his guitar and didn't write new songs and it was only many years later that he realized that music was really his only raison d’être!
The encounter with some musician friends with a home studio put him back in the mood for creation and he quickly started to write one song after another and just couldn’t stop anymore.

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