Des "B" à profusion

Les Weekends à L’Oasis Musicale présentent Des "B" à profusion

Marcus Thompson, viola
Tomoko Inui, piano

J.S. Bach: Sonata No.3 in G minor BWV 1029
Ernest Bloch: Suite Hébraïque
York Bowen: Sonata No.1 in C minor
Arthur Benjamin: Jamaican Rumba

An exploration of the beautiful and diverse repertoire for viola & piano, starting with Bach’s finest g-minor sonata. Next is Bloch’s musical reflection on his Jewish heritage and Bowen’s inspirational romantic sonata. Finally, everyone will dance to Benjamin’s Jamaican Rumba.

A brilliant violist who has been heralded for “major mastery of his instrument” and called “the complete interpreter,” Marcus Thompson is indeed a remarkable violist. In addition to his busy performing career, Mr. Thompson serves as a member of the Viola Faculty at New England Conservatory of Music, and as the Robert R. Taylor Professor of Music and a Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he founded performance programs in private studies and chamber music.

Pianist Tomoko Inui was awarded “Bruneau Prize” for her excellent solo recital while at McGill University. She has been performing through the maison de la culture program in Montreal and at various chamber music festivals in Europe since 2006 in Italy, Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic. In 2016, Mr. Thompson and Ms. Inui performed the two Brahms Sonatas back to back, encore being Austrian composer Robert Fuch’s Fantasiestüke, which was well received in Montreal. Last season, they played a series of concerts in Montreal and Ottawa for Schubert’s Arpeggione and Rebecca Clarke’s Sonata.

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